How to have fun with Automatic Scooters like Mahindra Rodeo

Published: 07th January 2010
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Scooters have long been around on the face of the earth and like true companions have served the mankind through thick and thin. Scooters came into existence to deal with the ravages of the Second World War. Through the years, like every other machine, the scooter has seen many technological changes. The scooter continued to become a peppier ride and with the advent of Automatic Transmission, scooters have become more fun to ride than ever.

Automatic gearless scooters are easy machines to drive and hence are a lot of fun. Unlike Manual Transmission scooters, which require the disengaging of a clutch and shifting between three to four gears, automatic scooters employ a centrifugal clutch and pulleys to transmit power from engine to the drive wheel in a CVT (Continuous variable transmission). They are also light weight yet sturdy. The conventional scooters were made entirely of steel whereas the automatic scooters have a steel frame covered with plastic body.

Automatic scooters save the day for millions around the world who use them to travel to their work places and get there quickly and on time. That's not the only use of these scoters. When you have got yourself an automatic Scooter like Mahindra Rodeo, you can do a lot of fun things as well. Here how you can have fun with your automatic scooters.

Go places and Save Money

What can be more fun than saving yourself some money which you can use for your needs? Scooters are small and fuel efficient modes of transport. When you ride your scooter more instead of driving your car, you save on an array of aspects like the total fuel cost, insurance cost, maintenance cost and repair cost. Therefore, you can travel much larger distances on a scooter in lesser cost. This gives you the chance of going places. The scooter may not take you through all kinds of terrain but scooters like Mahindra rodeo are quite sturdy and can travel long distances on most of the roads. So you can take to the roads with your automatic scooters.

Enjoy the Convenience of its size With a compact and efficient scooter, you are always free as a bird. When you drive in a building you will not have to wait for the guards to open the parking gate for your car to enter. You can just park your scooter nearby very conveniently and walk inside. If you have to enter the building, it can squeeze through the smallest of gaps. You can save a lot of time. Convenience of parking with a scooter provides great relief from hassles of parking space.

Any Indian road typically has everything from pedestrians to animals to bicycles to carts to auto-rickshaws to mini-trucks to containers to cars to SUVs and much more plying on it. Indian roads are a frenzy in most hours of the day. Traffic jams and snail speeds are common. A light weight and powerful scooter seems the best thing to happen to you when you can squeeze through the smallest of gaps and get ahead of everyone.

Carry things and people around with ease

Even the most compact of Automatic Scooters are highly spacious with a step-through body design and storage space beneath the seat. There are innumerable bigger and powerful bikes than an automatic scooter but they are not practical for running simple errands like getting groceries. On the other hand a scooter can accommodate a lot of extra load. Groceries, bags, small suitcases, boxes etc. can very easily be transported on a scooter. But there is a limit to how much you can load on your scooter. Safety should be considered first. But in India it is not at all uncommon to see stacks of chicken cages or canvas rolls of 6 feet diameter or the dabbawallas carrying a hundred dabbas or unimaginable number of people on one bike. In fact, Ratan Tata got the inspiration for Nano when he saw four (sometimes even more) family members traveling around on one scooter, all precariously perched; A kid standing in the front, a man riding the scooter, the wife sitting side saddled holding a kid.

On roads this could be dangerous. But off the roads, in an open ground or a private road, this exercise could be fun. Don't be too harsh on your scooter but you can have a little fun with your scooter by giving your friends a joy ride with all of them on the scooter at the same time. With Mahindra Rodeo, you can try with five people. But make sure you wear all necessary protective gear like helmets and jackets before trying such stunts.

Turn the throttle and race with your friends

Gone are the days when scooters use to putt-putt there way with a modest 50cc engine. Modern Automatic Scooters like Mahindra Rodeo have become 125 cc fire-breathing monsters. They can compete with a lot of other bikes and this makes for fun sessions in racing with your friends. But racing should be strictly avoided on Public roads. It is not the question of just your safety but the safety of others on the road too. But if you have friends who are sporting enough to race with you, it wouldn't hurt too much to do it in open grounds or private roads on which there is not too much traffic. A scooter race will always have a lot of spectators so invite your friends over to join the scene and cheer you up.

Automatic Scooters have a long life and they take you a lot of spaces. More than the practicality and the convenience of riding a scooter, the joy of riding and a lot of memories get attached with your scooter. These are only a few ways in which you can have fun with your Automatic Scooter. In reality, if you get your hands on an automatic scooter like Mahindra Rodeo, the possibilities of ways in which you can have fun with it are unlimited.

Check this guy out having fun with his Mahindra Rodeo.

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